Firefighters are warning about a place where we should never put our phone to charge

Technology can be a great way to stay entertained and connect. Unfortunately, electronic equipment is not always as safe as we think. One of the craziest examples of what can go wrong with technology was two recent smartphone battery explosions.

The idea that something you keep in your pockets or put near your face could explode is certainly terrifying. It turns out that there is a new problem with phones that we have to worry about.

It turns out that an overheated phone battery can get so hot that it can cause a fire. The Newton, New Hampshire Fire Department recently took to social media to make sure people are aware of these dangers. Newton firefighters explain that the easiest way for a phone to overheat and start a fire is by charging it on the bed while you sleep.

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The problem occurs when a person plugs the phone into a charger and then places it under the pillow or on the bed while sleeping. Common bedding tends to trap heat. This means that the heat from the battery cannot escape, so temperatures rise to dangerous levels.

As the charger gets hotter and hotter, it can easily burn sheets and other bedding which is just as easy to catch on fire. High temperatures can also burn a person who turns over the phone while sleeping.

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To emphasize their message, firefighters posted photos showing the burn marks made by a typical loader. Research has found that more than half of all teens charge their phone in bed, so your kids may be at the highest risk of getting burned by a phone that’s charging.

Alabama firefighters have some suggestions to reduce the risk of fires due to overnight loading. The most important thing is never to charge your phone overnight. This excessively long charge time is what makes the batteries get too hot and it happens right when you are sleeping and you are not aware of something that might be going on.

In general, it’s a good idea to never use a cheap aftermarket charger or a worn out old charger. These types of chargers are more prone to overheating or sputtering. In order for excess heat to dissipate properly, place your phone on a flat, airy surface rather than surrounding it with soft items.

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