DIY – 20 Pallet furniture ideas

This is re-using and up-cycling at its best! Here are some gorgeous pallet furniture ideas. Repurposing or recycling wooden pallets into indoors or outdoors furniture has become very popular with people across the globe. It’s because you will do a fun project and you can craft a highly functional coffee table, a sofa or other things for your garden. And you’ll also be proud for not spending too much as they are perfect projects for small budgets.

#1: Sun lounger

sun lounger

#2: Outdoor pallet loungers

pallet furniture

#3: Pallet chillout lounge

pallet chillout lounge

#4: Living room coffee table

coffee table

#5: Pallets garden bench

pallets garden bench

#6: Pallet bed

pallets bed

#7: Living room furniture

living room furniture

#8: Pallet swing bed

pallet swing bed

#9: Pallet garden sofa and coffee table

garden sofa pallet

#10: Pallet wine rack

pallet wine rack

#11: Pallet fold-down outdoor bar

pallet fold down outdoors bar

#12: Pallet vertical garden

pallet vertical garden

#13: Pallet tree swing

pallet tree swing

#14: Toddler pallet bed

toddler pallet bed

#15: Pallet succulent table

pallet succulent table

#16: Pallet fence

pallet fence

#17: Pallet pet bed

pallet pet beds

#18: Pallet shoe rack

pallet shoe rack

#19: Pallet radiator cover

pallet radiator cover

#20: Pallet dog bowls

pallet dog bowls

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