Did you know you can make flour from wild dock?

Wild dock, a plant commonly found in various regions, is not just a simple weed but a potential superfood, especially when it comes to its seeds. These seeds can be transformed into a nutritious flour, offering a sustainable and accessible ingredient for various culinary uses.

curly dock

Harvesting and Preparing Dock Seeds for Flour:

  1. Seed Collection: Once the dock seeds have dried on the plant, collect them. They usually turn from green to maroon and then a rusty brown, making them easy to identify.
  2. Cleaning: Rub the seeds between your hands to remove most of the husks. Winnowing helps to separate the seeds from the chaff.
  3. Soaking: To reduce bitterness, soak the cleaned seeds in water for a few hours, then dry them.
  4. Roasting: Roast the seeds at 350°F for 4–5 minutes. This step infuses a nutty flavor into the seeds and makes grinding easier.
  5. Grinding: After cooling, grind the seeds into a fine powder using a blender, coffee grinder, or food mill. The resulting flour is quite heavy, so it’s often mixed with lighter flours for baking.
  6. Usage: Dock seed flour is particularly delicious in chocolate recipes. However, it’s important to note that the flour can be bitter, so it’s advised to start with small amounts and adjust to taste.

Nutritional and Culinary Aspects:

  • Dock seed flour is a great way to extend other flours, especially in times of scarcity.
  • It can be used in various recipes, but its heavy and slightly bitter nature suits certain dishes better, like brownies or dense breads.

Important Considerations:

  • Always ensure that the wild dock is harvested from clean, unpolluted areas.
  • It’s vital to correctly identify the plant to avoid any harmful species.
  • Start with small quantities to test for personal taste preferences and potential allergies.
a bowl with rumex crispus flour

This method of making flour from wild dock seeds offers an excellent way to utilize a commonly overlooked plant. It’s a creative and sustainable approach to cooking and baking, bringing a unique flavor to your kitchen while tapping into the abundance of nature.

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