Christmas Pionono: A Classic Recipe that never fails

The holidays of this beautiful season are approaching and we will begin to plan what we want on the menu.

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Boiled eggs
Cherry tomatoes

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We put the pionono on a tray, we stretch it well and we pass it a very thin layer of mayonnaise. Then to the following ingredients, we will layer them.
We arrange the cheese and the ham on top. We did not put amounts because that is to taste and depending on the size we get, but to give you an idea, we use approximately 200 g of each one.
Then, in a container, we crush the eggs with the help of a fork and add 1 tablespoon of mustard and 1 of mayonnaise.
We spread this mixture over the cold cuts.
Chop the olives into small pieces and sprinkle over the pionono.
We really like to add some strips of canned bell peppers, this adds a great flavor.
Finally, we roll up very carefully so that we are not disarmed.

Tips and Advice

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Many prepare stuffed pionono and when they go to cut it, it ends up being disassembled. So that this does not happen to us, we simply must hydrate the pionono well with mayonnaise before filling it.
Also, it is essential that once we finish rolling it, we wrap it with plastic wrap so that it is tight and does not lose its shape.
It is necessary to let it rest in the refrigerator, if possible to do it overnight , the longer it is cold, the less risk we run of it falling apart.
Just so you have it in mind as an option, when we make the mixture with eggs, mayonnaise and mustard, if we want to replace these dressings, we can do it with cream cheese or cream cheese. These will add creaminess to the pionono.
If we want to add a little flavor and texture, we can add chopped walnuts.

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