Boiling 3 Bananas Before Bed: Why Many Are Doing It

Bananas might be a vital aid for those getting ready for bed, just boil them, here’s why.

After an especially intense day filled with work and commitments, the goal is undoubtedly to finally be able to go to bed to rest your body and mind. Generally, sleeping about 7/8 hours is enough to shake off the stress of a taxing day and start again in the morning with renewed energy. However, not everyone manages to do this. In fact, for many, going to bed does not automatically correspond with rest: just think of those who suffer from insomnia and cannot fall asleep despite being tired, or those who cannot rest well at night and wake up in the morning feeling exhausted.

banana boiling in a pot

Sleep Problems: This Method Resolves Them All

Problems with rest and sleep significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. If you do not sleep well, you live poorly, because the next day you are inevitably tired and irritable. That’s why experts in the field remind everyone how important it is to try to solve this problem, which can have significant consequences in daily life and also on health. Obviously, overcoming insomnia or poor rest is anything but a simple task: many people have tried all kinds of remedies without, however, achieving comforting results.

Nevertheless, there is a method that can really make inadequate sleep at night a thing of the past. We are not talking about the sleeping pills that are readily available on the market, but about a completely natural remedy like banana and cinnamon tea. Moreover, this solution is also particularly economical and simple to prepare. But why the banana? What are the properties of this fruit that we often find on our tables?

The secret of the banana is called tryptophan, an amino acid that has the ability to generate the production of the brain chemical serotonin. Precisely this element is fundamental in ensuring adequate rest: serotonin, in fact, promotes overall well-being and ensures that sleep comes quickly. That’s why eating a banana before bed can be the best remedy for insomnia and poor rest. Ideally, it is the preparation of an infusion to drink just before going to sleep.

With Banana Tea, Rest Will No Longer Be a Problem

This banana tea can be prepared in a few steps. All you have to do is take two or three bananas and cut off the ends of the fruit, leaving the peel on. With a knife, cut the bananas into pieces, always keeping the skin on. Then, place the banana pieces in a container, adding a pinch of cinnamon.

The next step is to fill this container with water (a pot is fine) and put it on the stove. When the water boils, it is necessary to lower the heat and continue simmering for about ten minutes. At that point, the peel will have separated from the fruit. The final step is to remove the pot from the heat and pour the solution through a strainer. The banana tea should be drunk about 20 minutes before going to bed.

banana tea

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