Beautiful hairstyles with braids very easy to make

Braids have been in fashion for a long time, they provide a unique style to our outfit, they are a relatively easy type of hairstyle to do and best of all, you can do them yourself in a short period of time. Also, you don’t necessarily have to be a girl or teenager to have braids, these days even older women wear them and they look really good. There are many techniques to make braids, however, you can start from the simplest to the most complicated according to the level of knowledge you want to obtain.

It is not difficult at all to make a braid, you can even add colors, glitter or any other accessory that you like to provide a delicate, great and unique touch. Learn how to do this type of hairstyle in a few periods of time in the best way in this article.

Beautiful hairstyles with braided headband braids

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Do not get carried away by the name, it is actually one of the simplest braids you can do, in addition, you can decorate it with flowers, glitter, etc. Starting from the center line of your head, begin to make a braid on each side trying to take all the loose hair, then, when you reach the beginning of the nape, knot the braids and you can pick them up with camouflaged hairpins.

Beautiful Dutch Braid Hairstyles

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These braids are famous for being very beautiful, the way to do them is inverted, that is, the hair is braided outwards. It is not necessary that you do only one, you can do two, three and even four if you like. They go with any outfit, even when it’s formal.

Beautiful boxer braid hairstyles

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It is the most common, it prevents heat from accumulating on your head and you will look excellent anywhere and anytime. You can do them inverted or in the traditional way , if you want add some color to your hair to individualize your style.

Beautiful Pipe Braid Hairstyles

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If this is a somewhat complicated braid to do, you may need someone to help you because it is not exactly a braid, you must wind the strands until you create the combination between a French and herringbone braid.

Beautiful hairstyles with classic braid braids

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It is common but infallible, it is ideal for simple occasions and it is quite acceptable considering that all braid styles are born from it.

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