Bamboo landscaping ideas – garden design

Ever wondered what the fastest growing plant is? You guessed it: bamboo. Some tropical species’ new shoots can grow an impressive 4 feet in one day, but it does reach maximum size within 5 to 15 years. Bamboo is technically a grass? Although that is its classification, many bamboo species look like trees. Bamboo can tolerate some extreme weather conditions, making them an excellent choice. Knowing how to plant and grow your bamboo will make your garden beautiful and with a pretty landscape.

Did you know that bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees, plus it consumes more carbon dioxide than any other plant? This means this grass helps reverse the effects of global warming by swallowing up greenhouse gasses. On top of that, bamboo makes a superb alternative to wood, which means bamboo could play a important role in forest and landscape restoration.

Now that you know these informations, you can build a privacy wall, line a walkway, or fill a container. There are countless options for your garden and you can find your inspiration here.

Bamboo wall

bamboo wall

Bamboo hedge

bamboo hedge

Bamboo for privacy

bamboo 1

Perfection atop the wall

bamboo atop the wall

Pathway to paradise

bamboo pathway

Your cozy corner

bamboo cozy

Wooden planter with bamboo

planter with bamboo

Amazing bamboo garden

bamboo garden

Bamboo near water

bamboo near water

Water garden

water garden

Modern garden

modern garden bamboo

Bamboo tunnel

bamboo tunnel

Exotic oasis

bamboo exotic oasis

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