Amazing up-close animal eyes

People have round eyes and round pupils. The cat’s eyes are not round and the pupils are vertical and thin. The horse or cow has big, expressive eyes, but the pupils… don’t you remember what they look like? Don’t worry, most people haven’t even thought about it and don’t know how animal eyes look like. Suren Manvelyan captured in the pictures the eyes of different animals and it is impossible to figure out who they belong to.

No, it is not a mountain lake. It’s the eye of a llama.

llama eye

Not every husky owner could recognise his dog’s blue eyes.

husky eye

This is how a horse’s eye look like

horse eye

Camel’s eye

camel eye

This is the eye of the batoid fish with an asymmetrical pupil.

batoid fish eye

Vampire eye? No, is just the eye of a chinchilla.

chinchilla eye

This is not the eye of a dinosaur, but the tokay gecko.

gecko tokay eye

It’s the eye of a Nile crocodile!

Nile crocodile eye

Amazing shades in the iris of the malamute dog’s eye.

malamute eye

Owl’s eye.

owl eye

The eye of a perch.

perch eye

The eye of the macaw parrot.

macaw parrot eye

Spatial landscapes in the eyes of a sea urchin!

sea urchin eye

The eye of a hippopotamus.

hippopotamus eye

Cat’s eye is so cute.

cat eye

Rabbit’s eye.

rabbit eye

The eye of an iguana.

iguana eye

The eye of a fox.

fox eye

The eye of a curious chimpanzee.

chimpanzee eye

Deer’s eye.

deer eye

It is really hard to figure out whose eye it is. It’s the eye of a python.

python eye

Photo credit: Suren Manvelyan

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