Amazing ladder planter ideas to inspire you

Indoor gardening can bring a lot of pleasure if you have a planter suitable for the space of your home. The ladder-shaped planter creates more space for your plants without taking too much from the floor.

Take a look at these ideas, each one with its own beauty. You can place them in any room because they don’t need much space. We hope you will inspire and find some that are suitable for you.

#1: Ladder planter stand

ladder planter stand

#2: A ladder with succulent plants

ladder with succulent plants

#3: A frame plant stand

a frame plant stand

#4: A shape plant stand

a shape plant stand

#5: A ladder with a windmill design

a modern ladder

#6: Small wooden stand

small wooden stand

#7: Country style ladder shelf planter

country style ladder shelf planter

#8: Garden arch

garden arch ladder

#9: Standing tall

standing tall

#10: Herb pallet ladder shelf

herb pallet ladder shelf

#11: Flower ladder planter

flower ladder planter

#12: Eco-friendly ladder with herbs

eco friendly ladder with herbs

#13: Ladder with potted plants

ladder with potted plants

#14: Black A-frame ladder shelf

black a frame ladder shelf

#15: Ladder planter in the kitchen

kitchen ladder planter

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