A Housekeeper’s House Won A Major Architecture Award: The Most Elegant

Everyone should know about this wonderful home, which makes the best use of the available space.

“Building of the Year”, or building of the year in Spanish, is an international architecture award that is given annually to buildings recognized in the world. There are different categories, thousands of candidates and, in addition, something like 55 thousand impartial voters. The winners were revealed and one house in particular left everyone quite impressed with its origins.

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It is the home of Delvina Borges Ramos, a 74-year-old domestic worker, from Vila Matilde, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From the outside it looks quite normal, but it is enough to set foot inside to discover that it is “the ideal house” (that is how they cataloged it).

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It is modern, spacious, comfortable and tasteful. It didn’t require too much money, and best of all, it was built in no time.

Delvina lived there more than 25 years ago. However, it was not until 2013 that everything took a radical turn. A storm brought down the roof, so the woman decided to do a remodel with the money she had saved. And so, he asked his son, Marcelo Borges, for help to hire the Terra e Tuma architecture studio.

They specifically asked that they stick to a low budget. And most importantly, they take a short time to finish.

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The team of architects, meanwhile, decided to tear the house down and start from scratch. And well, the end result was worthy of worldwide recognition.

It has interior patios and a terrace with a view of the city:

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A modern and minimalist style:

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With huge windows that fill it with light:

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It has an area of ​​plants to brighten life:

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Simply fascinating!

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And well, the lighting at night is also worth applause:

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Without a doubt, this woman shows us that you do not need a large piece of land to own a house worthy of admiration.

Source: Upsocl

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