A DIY recipe to produce your own hydro-alcoholic gel

Waiting for hours in front of a pharmacy because we have no choice, can generate a feeling of humiliation linked to the awareness that we have to depend on a third party who does not give us the necessary attention. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, opt as much as possible for in-house protection solutions against COVID 19. It is at least just as effective. They are simply approved tea towels and stamped disinfectant liquids.


To produce your own hydro-alcoholic gel you will need 1 small empty 100 ml bottle (like those used for air travel), 30 ml of vodka, 60 ml of aloe-vera gel, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil. Vodka here is used for its alcohol content. If you have any other liquid more concentrated in alcohol at home, do not hesitate to use it.

The preparation

Pour the vodka into the bottle to about a third of the capacity. Add sixteen drops of tea tree essential oil, and eight drops of lavender essential oil. In addition to leaving delicious scents on your hands, these two essential oils are powerful anti-bacterial agents. Finally, fill the rest of the bottle with the Aloe-vera gel which will give the consistency to the gel and which will hydrate the skin, thus compensating for the effect of the alcohol.

The importance of barrier gestures

Whether it is against COVID 19 or against any other infectious disease, highly contagious, protection is a whole of which no aspect should be neglected, at the risk of canceling the effect of all the precautions taken upstream. So, for example, no matter how much you apply hydro-alcoholic gel to your hands, if you have the habit of being tactile with everyone, sooner or later you risk rubbing your face and thus welcoming the virus to your arms. open. Thus, we cannot stress enough the importance of barrier gestures. Reducing the risk of contamination to 0 is impossible. But the adoption of barrier gestures, such as washing your hands very regularly, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, using disposable tissues, or even greeting without shaking hands, avoiding hugs, can be beneficial for you and your family. The use of hydro-alcoholic gel should be repeated as often as possible. Systematic checking of the fit as well as the stability of your mask on your face must become real addictions at home. These are all acts of war that weaken the virus. Sometimes between life and death there is only a doorknob.

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