9 Things that make your House not welcoming and always look messy

There are many things in our house that we are used to and consider useful, but they force us to clean more often or create an unwelcoming atmosphere.

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In this article we will give you some tips that will help you especially if you are planning small changes in your apartment.

1- Sofa bed

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Saving space by putting a sofa bed in the room is not justified, guests do not meet in our house so often, and putting together and taking apart a sofa every day implies constant discomfort.

If you are thinking of buying new furniture, it is better to buy a common bed with a quality mattress, as well as being comfortable, this furniture does not break as quickly as sofa beds.

2- Bag Collection

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Many times we don’t throw away plastic and paper bags because they can be useful again, but sooner or later this accumulation will turn into a mess. It’s best to store them in a small box or buy several large shopping bags and keep them in the bag you use to go to work, so you don’t accumulate new bags every time you go to the market.

3- Large number of boxes

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Keeping things in boxes is very convenient, but many times we use too many and we don’t even know what’s in them, it’s easier to store clothes in neat piles in the closet and the items you rarely use will do in a few large boxes which is better label, giving easy access to the things you keep inside.

4- Overflowing hanger in the hallway

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The coat racks in the entryway quickly become overflowing, unless you only wear one coat for the entire season. A hanger full of clothes looks messy and clothes often fall on the floor. To avoid the temptation to load the hanger with more clothes, change it to one with fewer hooks, while for bags you can put a separate hook near the entrance door.

5- The lack of a shoe cabinet

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Shoes placed in order in the hallway become a messy mountain after a while, the absence of a cabinet or shelf leads to accumulation of mud in the winter season, so the dirt spreads to other areas and you should spend more and more time cleaning.

For this there are cabinets designed for small spaces in which footwear is stored vertically.

6- Huge mirrors

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Large mirrors visually increase the space of small rooms, but they are not practical, since they require constant cleaning. If you do not want to dust the mirrors several times a week it is better to buy a cabinet with a maximum of two mirror doors.

7- Large mirror in the bathroom

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A large mirror in the bathroom above the sink gets stained quickly, and it’s not a pleasant pastime to rub drops and stains several times a day. If you are choosing a mirror it is better to buy a smaller size and hang it about 30 cm above the sink.

8- Light walls at the entrance

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Light-colored walls at the entrance serve to increase the space visually, but in reality they only cause inconvenience, since with the onset of autumn they turn gray and dirty. The entrance will look messy, plus it’s hard to keep them clean. To avoid this, it is preferable that you use colors that get dirty less or cover them with a shoe cabinet.

9- Wire Hooks

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Wire hangers often get caught on clothes when you try to take them out of the closet, holes appear and fray, so wooden hangers are better, which also look more aesthetic.

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