9 Plants for a Perfect Home Climate

The plants in our home are beautiful decorations that embellish our spaces and give us a different energy.

We have them in our living room and also outside in our patios, gardens or balconies. But did you ever think that plants nourish us with much more amount of things that we do not know.

One characteristic that some of them have is to generate an effect on the environment, because they can produce the absorption of humidity and also offer us more oxygen, very favorable in the most closed places, generating an ideal microclimate for our lives.

Indoor plants that fight humidity

Bamboo Plant

It is an ideal plant to have inside the house. It is very easy to maintain, since you will only have to keep it in mind as it grows to change it to larger pots. It does not need a large amount of light, so it can be in low-light sectors, and the best thing is that it requires little watering , since the same plant absorbs the humidity from the environment with which it feeds.

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Boston fern

This plant is for both indoors and outdoors, but it needs a lot of light to grow strong and healthy . If you have it indoors, you will only have to place it near the window, so that it absorbs the clarity of the sun, and thus it will generate that effect that we want, which is to absorb the humidity of the environment and feed itself. Therefore it is of little irrigation.

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Tillandsia Aeranthos

It is native to South America, and is characterized by growing naturally on other plants. They absorb moisture from the environment in the epidermis of their very narrow leaves. To have it indoors, it is preferable to place it near the window, not in direct sunlight but without much light. Likewise, in order for it to grow strongly and to flower, it is advisable to spray it on it at least 2 times a week.

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Cradle of Moses

This beautiful plant is one of the most popular to have inside our home, and it has the function of permanently absorbing moisture from it. It is very easy to grow and has a very attractive green color, as well as its white flowers that stand out and transform it into a unique and very beautiful plant. For its irrigation, since it is nourished by the humidity of the environment, it is necessary to add water when the soil requires it, that is , it is dry, so in summer 2 times a week is the ideal time.

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Indoor plants that oxygenate us


It is a very simple plant to maintain. In fact it is very commonly used for the home, as for the office. It adapts to any climate and its irrigation is only when the soil is well dry. It is a perfect air filter, because it absorbs all the ambient pollution, in return it will give us an air that is clean of impurities and with better oxygen.

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Dracaena trifasciata

It is also known as the Sword of Saint George or Sansevierias. It admits temperatures of the most varied, reason why inside the home they develop in perfect conditions. It is one of the best plants to purify the environment, it improves air quality by absorbing impurities.

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Spider plant

This beautiful plant is also known by the name of Malamadre or Lazo de amor. Unlike the rest of the plants, it is a plant that grows very comfortable in the dark and tolerates low temperatures very well. Filters the air permanently removing toxins and impurities from the environment.

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Despite what many think, laurel grows very well indoors. It is an aromatic plant, so among its conditions it not only aromatizes the environment, but also absorbs the vices of the environment and significantly improves the microclimate of the environment.

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These plants, which are very varied, are not only for the exterior, there are them for the interior of the home. Its leaves are very showy and very decorative. It is capable of removing materials such as benzene, carbon monoxide, etc. It is considered that it can absorb up to 80% of impurities from the environment.

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