9 Ideas to make Christmas Arrangements with Bouquets of Spheres

Using bouquets of spheres is a very easy and simple way to create a beautiful Christmas arrangement or centerpiece . In general, during the holiday season it is common for these types of corsages to be sold at very affordable prices , some with a natural appearance and others complemented with glitter.

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All of them come with small spheres added , which makes them perfect elements to make beautiful creations.

However, if you cannot find this type of product in your area, you can easily make them using ordinary dry branches and gluing small spheres on each end with a little silicone . Then, varnish the entire set with spray paint in some metallic shade . Once you have your bouquets of spheres ready, all that remains is to place them on a base , which can be a vase , a fish tank , a bottle or a vase .

Large vase with canes , ribbon and bouquets of spheres .

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Cup-shaped vase with bouquets of red spheres .

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Red vase with bouquets of red and white spheres .

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Gift box with white and red spheres , berries and bouquets of spheres .

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Metallic tray with pine branches , red bow and bouquets of spheres .

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Fish bowls with green and red spheres and bouquets of green spheres .

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Vase with pine cones and bouquets of white spheres .

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Fishbowl with golden spheres and bouquets of red and silver spheres .

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White vase with bouquets of different colored spheres .

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