9 ideas of coat racks for the hall that every house needs

A hall is a very important room that we should not neglect; And it is that in addition to being the presentation letter of your home, it is a functional space where we can leave our jackets and bags before entering. A corner where we ourselves begin to feel at home. Today we will focus on the coat racks for the hall, an essential element that will provide us with much more than aesthetics.

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Complete furniture

There is a clear trend towards the industrial style. For this reason, we will see in decoration magazines and in online and physical stores an endless number of furniture models with an integrated coat rack made of wood and metal . They can incorporate a high shelf to put hats, caps and backpacks. They can also incorporate an area to leave shoes .

Aesthetically they are beautiful, although obviously these models should be reserved for the largest hallways, even those that are unified with the rest of the house.

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Clothing donkeys in the hall

Another good alternative are the typical clothing donkeys . These coat racks can work very well if we have space at home. The advantage of the clothes hangers for the hall is that we can move them without any problem. As in the previous case, an industrial aesthetic can go perfectly with these models, especially when they are made with pipes and include a wooden shelf.

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Wall coat rack

A wall coat rack, one of the traditional ones, can also be a good option. They are coat racks that we can see in a hall or behind a bedroom door. They are small, versatile and, above all, inexpensive. In addition, the good thing about this option is that we can find them in different orders. So much so that we will surely find a wall coat rack for any corner.

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If we have a very long wall, we can find long coat racks. On the other hand, if we have a rather small corner, it will not be a problem either, since there are also quite small ones.

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Wall coat racks with shelf

The wall rack have always been a very aesthetic solution. In addition, since they do not occupy part of the floor, they are ideal for the smallest spaces, such as the hall. The bottom part of the coat rack could be used to place a bench, for example.

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We like these coat racks because they adopt different styles. For example, natural wood can give life to a rustic hall , while white lacquered ones will be more “off-road”.
The most interesting part is its upper shelf, where we can store all kinds of objects, from boxes to baskets and hats.

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Wall hooks

Wall hooks are great for creating compositions. On the one hand, if we have little space it is a very interesting option, as there will always be room to place one of these and hang it even if it is our jacket. On the other hand, if we have space, we can create beautiful compositions with different hooks.

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Tree coat racks

Another interesting option are tree or tree-type coat racks. They are very practical because they allow us to hang many items of clothing taking up very little space. They are clearly the best alternative for small hallways . There are them from the most classic to the most sophisticated.

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Perhaps the most popular are the tree-type standing coat racks , but in case you didn’t know, we can also get wall-mounted tree coat racks, from the most minimalist to those with a tree-like design, literally.

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