9 great ideas for kids to learn to multiply numbers

We found 9 great, simple and easy-to-do ideas to help your kids learn numbers. You just need to take one of these ideas as inspiration to make children learn numbers quite simply.

Learn the multiplication tables

Here is a tip we found to make learning the multiplication tables by heart easier for your child.

You just have to do as on the model below and ask your child for example how much is 2 x4, and show him the result visually by revealing the side of the pie chart which contains the result.

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To learn the multiplication tables more easily, it can be interesting to know some good ideas and tips like these

You just have to ask your child for the missing number, the number that must be multiplied to have the correct result written after the equal.

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Multiplication tables on stairs

A trick that is used in schools for your child to work his visual memory by regularly seeing the multiplication tables when he climbs the stairs at home or at school.

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How can you make your child learn the multiplication tables even more easily?

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The wheel of multiplication

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Yet another way to make learning multiplication tables easier for your child.

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Train your child in mental arithmetic by making this easy learning table for him.

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Learn multiples of 2 more easily

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Your child will start to learn to do calculations in school, and learn multiples of 2 more easily.

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