9 Common Home Decorating Mistakes!

You will surely notice that no matter how much time you spend in your home to make it look good, it never looks like the luxury apartments we commonly see in magazines.

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That is why in this article, we will show you 10 of the most common mistakes in the decoration of our homes:

Magnets on the refrigerator

For magnet collectors there is a solution: organize a place to store souvenir magnets on a wall with the help of a board or magnetic paint.


The solution would be to structure your collection: collect, for example, only teapots from different countries or music boxes. Or even memories like the ones the example shows.

Dish soap

You can look for multipurpose dispensers that match in color or invoice with the interior of the kitchen. You buy a soap, pour it into the dispenser, and enjoy the view.

Placing things on top of the ironing board

Designers advise not to let laziness take over you and keep the table in a special place.

Lots of footwear at the entrance

But experts advise putting your best effort into inventing a clever way to store boots, shoes, etc. It can be a multifunctional camouflaged furniture.

Exercise machines

If you train regularly, you can think of a special place for your sports equipment: for example, make a mini gym on your balcony.


There are two solutions: change clothes little by little or get a large duvet that covers everything and put a few decorative pillows.

Small objects in the kitchen

Organizing the food in the kitchen will make the space look more attractive and the food preparation process will be a real pleasure.

Children toys

To solve the problem, you can get some colorful containers and in this way get used to your children to store their things there and maintain order.

Now that you know some of the most common mistakes when decorating the home, go ahead and try these useful tips and recommend them.

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