8 Plants to have in a small bathroom with little lighting

Including plants in home decoration can be an excellent idea, as long as you look for the most suitable ones, as not all of them will survive these spaces.

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In general, the bathroom is one of the most difficult, and this is thanks to the little lighting they have, so it is key to choose plants that are resistant and beautiful to complement your style.

In this article we show you some plants to have in a small bathroom with little lighting.

1- Sansevieria

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It is one of the most popular indoor plants, and this is thanks to its ability to resist very unfavorable conditions, such as low light, lack of watering and repotting.

Regarding the substrate, it must be very loose, with good drainage so that it does not get waterlogged and its roots are affected.

2- Pothos

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When left in well-lit places it will appear slightly more yellow in hue, while in the shade it will remain green. In addition, you can leave them in traditional pots or hanging them to complement the decoration.

Due to the lack of light it is probable that it does not grow much and that its leaves are small. Also, the stems will begin to lengthen and the leaves will come out further apart.

3- Aspidistra

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It is from Asia and can grow anywhere in your home, including the bathroom. They appreciate spaces with high humidity, helping the leaves to look in good condition. All you need to do is water sparingly, making sure the soil stays moist.

4- Dieffenbachia

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It is characterized by light spots on its leaves, and some of them are widely used as indoor plants due to their tolerance to shade.

Although it is common to see them in office spaces, they can be a great ally for those bathrooms that are dimly lit.

5- Zanzibar Gem

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It is a tropical plant native to Africa and its needs are similar to Sansevieria. You must be careful with watering to avoid excesses. In general, it will thrive without too much care and will do well in dimly lit spaces, so it’s a good choice for beginners.

6- Aglaonema white partridge

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This plant likes a humid environment, so it is also ideal for the bathroom. Remember that if you use hot water to bathe you will not be able to have plants in that space, since they will not survive for long.

7- Calathea

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These types of plants tolerate humidity very well, so you will not have to spray them as much. In addition, there are many variations with very interesting shades and nuances, so you can choose the one you like the most. It is important to keep the substrate slightly moist, except during the winter, here the recommendation is to let it dry between the days of watering.

8- Jade tree

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The intense green color of this plant will also look beautiful in the bathroom. Watering will be done every time the substrate is dry, and the recommendation is to choose a jade that has been born from a leaf.

Another secret to make it look healthy is to take the plant out from time to time, the goal is for it to receive a bit of sunshine. Do not do it in direct sunlight, it would burn it. Do it 2-3 times a week.

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