8 Plants that help control pests in your garden

Today we are going to learn a way to naturally repel insects or pests , since having an organic garden requires a lot of care and dedication .

A good way to keep it naturally , without using chemicals like pesticides , is to plant one of the plants shown below with our crops.

1. Calendula

Repels aphids , bed bugs , whiteflies and nematodes . Repels the asparagus beetle . Attract many beneficial insects to your garden. The scent of its flowers attracts hoverflies , great eaters of aphids .

2. Garlic

In addition to being one of the most used spices in the kitchen , growing garlic in your garden is very beneficial, especially if you want to grow tomatoes, as it is a natural bactericide and fungicide . The plant acts as a repellent for pests that normally attack them. Repels nematodes . It is also used in carrot and strawberry crops. Sown between carrots helps us repel the carrot fly.

3. Rosemary

The rosemary is considered an easy plant to grow and suitable for novice gardeners, has good tolerance to pests . This shrub is able to defend itself against the cabbage butterfly and the carrot fly .

4. Mint

A  herbaceous plant that is widely cultivated in the world due to its aromatic essences . The scent of peppermint repels lepidoptera , such as the kale butterfly , ants, and rats . It is a good option to cultivate bordering the crops. At the edges of the garden it slows down the ants . It also repels rodents. Attracts bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. Helps control insect pests .

5. Thyme

This  plant , widely used for cooking in condiments and sauces , requires little care and prefers dry land . Thyme has practically no enemies. Cabbage butterfly repellent . It attracts bees and repels harmful insects .

6. Sage

With long, stubby leaves, sage  has a strong yet refreshing flavor , slightly similar to rosemary . Repels whiteflies , cabbage moths and slugs .

7. Dead carnation

Plant to kill the pests of nematodes , mealybugs and other animals that attack the roots of plants .

8. Basil

Basil repels and drives away whiteflies , mosquitoes , flies and bed bugs . Used in tomato and pepper crops . It attracts pollinators by increasing production.

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