8 Christmas Plants: Discover their names and their care

Thinking of acquiring a Christmas plant ? Then you will love this list that we have prepared with the most beautiful varieties and with the greatest ” Christmas spirit “.

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And without realizing it, Christmas has come to the street and to our home. No matter where we look, the Christmas decorations flood every corner, wrapping everything with a very special atmosphere.

If you are one of those who loves this time of year, we are sure that, in addition to reserving a special place in your home for the Christmas tree , you will like to surround yourself with plants that carry that Christmas spirit .

  1. Hellebore or winter rose
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The hellebore or Helleborus niger is an ornamental plant that is grown in gardens for the floral point during the coldest months of the year. As its flowers appear in winter, their name comes from there ” winter rose ” and they last from November to March.

There are varieties of Hellebore whose flowers are completely white. Others tend to stain on the underside of the flower with touches of garnet or pink, even becoming completely garnet.

It must be located in a sunny and protected place outside , otherwise, the more shade the variety is, the fewer flowers it will produce. Regarding watering, if it is very cold, it will be better not to water it .

  1. Poinsettia or poinsettia
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The Poinsettia , Christmas Eve or Poinsettia is a shrub with great prominence during the period of the holidays. It is an essential Christmas plant in any home, and is that, in addition to being decorative, it serves to wish good luck and prosperity to the person to whom it is given.

The striking thing about the Poinsettia are its bracts, red leaves that surround the tiny and insignificant flower. These are not always red, there are varieties of Poinsettia in white, pink, etc.

The lack of light is one of the most frequent causes that causes the fall of its leaves , the green ones at the base falling first. Try to avoid cold locations and drafts as they can seriously damage it.

  1. Princettia
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This variety of Poinsettia dazzles with its intense pink hue , although there are varieties with softer tones . It is known by the name of the Autumn Star and, no wonder, during this time it is when it is most spectacular.

It is a more compact and resistant seasonal plant than the Poinsettia and can live both indoors and outdoors, as long as there is no frost .

If you notice that the leaves are beginning to fall, it can be due to 2 reasons : either it is in an area with drafts or environments that are too dry or it needs much more light .

  1. Holly
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It is characterized by having leaves with a thorny edge and an intense red fruit , which is toxic and should never be ingested . Due to the abuse of this tree for many years as a Christmas ornament and plant , it is currently a protected species .

Holly in pots is usually very common in garden stores during the winter season , making it look like a houseplant . However, it is an outdoor variety that if you prolong your stay indoors, you will end up dying.

The culture holly is performed in semi shade and needs enough moisture . In summer , you will need abundant waterings and, in winter , much less . In addition, it needs cold and a slight draft .

  1. Christmas cactus
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If there is a key plant during the coldest time of the year, it is the Schlumbergera Buckleyi, better known as the Christmas cactus .

It is related to the Easter Cactus ( Rhipsalidopsis ), another prominent plant during the Christmas season.

Its flower is not very durable but its flower potential is . Among the varieties, the most common is the one with a pink flower, but there are also red, fuchsia and white.

It needs plenty of light , so it will appreciate being placed at the foot of a window. If it doesn’t get enough light, the stems will lose color . You also have to be careful with puddles , as they can lead to fungi and rot the stems.

  1. Cyclamen
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Cyclamen is a perfect plant to fill homes and gardens with color in winter . The important thing is to keep the cool temperature they need.

There are different varieties of cyclamen depending on the size they reach . If you bought any, make sure that the leaves are in perfect condition and that there are many flowers in the shape of a bud, in this way, you will achieve a prolonged flowering.

It must be located in a very bright place in the home , avoiding the hottest areas of the house and watering it correctly .

  1. Mistletoe
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The mistletoe is a popular Christmas plant that is widely used for decorating homes. It is said that it should be given as a gift and hung over the front door so that the whole family may have health and good luck. Once that year has passed, it must be burned and replaced by another.

The mistletoe is a parasitic plant , since it needs another plant to grow , by itself it could not do it directly on the ground.

It develops inedible fruits that, at first, are green and, later, translucent, white or yellow.

  1. Hippeastrum
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Thanks to the forced bulbs we can enjoy certain plants that only bloom in spring and summer during winter .

This is the case of Hippeastrum, which, as of October, its bulbs can be found in garden centers for indoor cultivation.

The Hippeastrum , is also known by the name of Amaryllis and has become in recent years an essential Christmas plant thanks to its spectacular trumpet-shaped flowers of a wide variety of colors (red, pink, white, orange, yellow , green).

It is important to know that this type of forced bulbs require that the substrate is always humid and with plenty of light.

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