7 things at home that you should clean every week

House cleaning has more tricks than you can imagine. Although it seems that everything is clean and shiny, it is not: there are corners that you should clean in depth even if you think it is not necessary. Specifically, there are 7 things you should clean at home on a weekly basis, some of them quite surprising.

woman cleaning kitchen cabinets with sponge and spray cleaner
Woman cleaning kitchen cabinets with sponge and spray cleaner. MORE FROM THIS SERIES IN MY PORTFOLIO

The floor, the bathroom or the sheets are 3 of the elements that everyone knows that must be cleaned on a regular basis, but what about the switches? Are you sure that your keyboard does not have thousands of bacteria? Here are some cleaning tips that will prevent you from getting sick just by cleaning a few items in your home 1 time every 7 days.

Trash can

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As its name implies, the garbage can is usually full of garbage, and therefore germs of all kinds. This means that even if you are going to keep putting trash in it, you should clean it too. Otherwise you will end up watering your house with germs.

Ideally, do it with water and bleach, the best disinfectant there is. Remember to clean all buckets, including plastic and glass ones.

Keyboard and mouse

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Do you eat on your keyboard and mouse? Whether you do it or not, once a week you should take a cloth and disinfectant, and clean your entire workspace. You will be surprised to know that a keyboard can accumulate more bacteria than the toilet, especially if you do not clean it regularly.

Of course, be careful when you clean it. Remember not to use liquids or a vacuum cleaner. Today there are cleaning kits for screens and vacuum cleaners prepared to clean keyboards.


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During a day you can touch the switches in your house dozens of times, sometimes without having your hands clean as you should. Surprisingly, it is one of the things that people forget to clean, but it is one of the keys to having a clean home.

Therefore, do not forget to wipe them the next time it comes to cleaning at home.

Remote control

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As with the keyboard and mouse, the remote control accumulates dirt in abundance, especially if you manipulate it while you eat. Don’t forget to clean it frequently, even more than once a week.

The trick to cleaning the remote is to do it with a slightly damp and disinfectant cloth, without leaking liquid between the buttons.


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The refrigerator is the place in your home where you keep the food you are going to eat, so it is a good idea to keep it exceptionally clean. And it gets dirty, even if it doesn’t look like it.

Of the entire refrigerator, the item that you need to clean every week is the fruit and vegetable drawer. It is a household cleaning tip that you want to follow, since more bacteria accumulate in it than in the toilet .

Shower or Bath

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This step is very important: don’t forget to give your shower or bathtub a good amount of bleach every week . The fact that it is the place where you shower does not mean that it does not accumulate bacteria. In fact it also gets more dirty than the toilet.

If you use curtains, you should also throw them in the washing machine at least once every 7 days.

Microwave and Oven

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As in the case of the refrigerator, you sure do not want the place where you cook to be dirty. That applies to the entire kitchen, but especially to your oven and microwave. Cooking in them at high heat does not kill bacteria as many people believe, so you have to do it.

Instead of bleach, the trick to better cleaning this part of your house is to do it with hot water and vinegar.

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