7 Strange Things You’ll Find in Every Mexican Kitchen

Depending on the country, people have different habits when it comes to speaking, thinking, acting and even in the way they decorate their homes.

Things you will find in any Mexican kitchen

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The Aztec cuisine is very famous at international level thanks to such delicious foods like chips, nachos, tamales or enchiladas. In addition to the love for these dishes, Mexicans share a taste for certain objects, so there are things that you will find in any Mexican kitchen.

1- Reusable mole cups

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Doña María has given a lot to Mexicans. Yes, they went for the mole but, in the end, they kept the glasses forever.

2- Garlic String

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For now it is not known, and perhaps it will never be known if having a string of garlic at home is a matter of charm or because it is more practical. But what is certain is that it is one of the things that you will find in any Mexican kitchen.

3- Mother bag

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A mother bag is the name given to the fact of placing bags inside one of greater size or capacity.

4- The blender that leaves all food flavored with chili

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After endless preparation of various sauces, there comes a time when everything you cook is infused with a chili flavor.

5- Pot of yogurt with beans

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Did you cook a lot of beans and they were left over? Why use a topper to preserve them if you can place them inside a bean pot. The same goes for a guacamole or a stew.

6- Pots and pans in the oven

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This trick, it seems, was adopted by everyone to solve the shortage of space in the kitchen.

7- Grandma’s hot chocolate

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This delicious Abuelita chocolate is a classic that is never lacking in every home and that we enjoy drinking in the cold season.

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