7 square nail designs for women who want to look like goddesses

Nail designs highlight the beauty, power, safety, delicacy and the qualities that characterize each one of us.

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Next, we show you some elegant, serious, tender, colorful and delicate designs that represent your personality.

1- French sideways

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This design is colorful and delicate as it uses a range of very subtle colors such as blue, pink, green and yellow. Also, accompany them with a little shine with the help of a piece of litmus paper. For the ring and middle fingers we will paint small hearts.

2- Cute _

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For the thumb and the little finger we will make a curved French with the traditional colors, in the index we will make the typical straight French with white and a yellow line above it, like a double stroke outlining a fine golden line.

The middle finger will have only glitter with a gold enamel, and finally, we will make the design of the ring finger, it will have curved lines with colors.

3- Flowers

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Three nails will have a faded French, on the other two you will make colored flowers with the help of an awl or pointer on the entire lower line of the nails.

4- French

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In three interspersed nails we will make a modern French with the base colors, pink and white. The ring finger will be filled with flowers of different sizes with a golden center. To finish, apply a nail polish with golden granules on the index finger.

5- Heaven _

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The sides will be blue, the index will be white like the clouds and the middle one will merge them with a horizontal stroke with thin silver lines, outline the strokes and make an additional design. Lastly, apply a polish with iridescent silver appliqués.

6-Pink Princess

6 13

Apply pink on all the nails, and on top a transparent nail polish with silver or white glitter. Then proceed to make some strokes with the help of black and white.

7- Colorful

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Very light tones to achieve a design that reminds us a little of the childhood stage in which we even used to dress in these tones.

With the three colors we intersperse the bases of the nails, except the ring one, since in it we will apply all of them. Pink will go as a base and in the lower part of the nail we apply the three selected colors making a strip, and above we fill with white flowers with a yellow center.

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