7 Plants that are watered only once a week

Plants fill any home with life. That is why many people like to take care of their garden, or a little green corner on the balcony or inside.

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Next, you will find 7 plants that need water only once a week, so you can enjoy them without worrying too much about their care, and with the certainty that they will be healthy.


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The pothos is a very resistant houseplant. It likes indoors, it needs lighting but not direct sun, and watering it once a week is more than enough, even in summer. Another of its virtues is that it grows quickly.


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It is an excellent houseplant because it resists dry and hot weather. It requires little water, in spring and summer it needs watering every 15 days, in autumn every 20 days, and in winter, it is enough to water it once a month.


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Cacti and succulents are the plants that require the least watering. Cacti need water once a month, and succulents a little more, but they are very resistant.


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In summer it needs water twice a week, but in winter it is enough to water it every 15 days. It supports some level of darkness and also of sun, but the more light it has, the greener it will be.


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In the garden it can grow a lot with minimal care, although it prefers not to receive direct sunlight. Indoors it needs water once a week in hot weather, and every 15 days in winter.


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It must be watered avoiding the total dryness of the bark, and if it is near a window it will have all the light it needs. It is best to water it every time the soil is dry, but if it is not too hot it can be every week.


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In winter they can go perfectly with watering every 10 days, although in summer it is best to water it twice a week.

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