7 most common dishwashing mistakes to avoid

It is one of the most hated domestic activities and that nobody wants to do at home after lunch. A series of experts have determined which are the 7 most common mistakes when washing dishes and today we are telling you about them so that they do not replicate them in their homes.

Dishwashing mistakes to avoid

When it comes time to wash the dishes after a meal, more than one wants to disappear. This is not at all strange, since it is one of the domestic activities that people hate the most throughout the world. However, knowing the most common mistakes when washing dishes is more important than we imagine. Together with a series of experts we collect these errors so that you do not replicate them and you can make this work much more enjoyable.

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Use cold water

According to Cristina Cusí, professor at the Barcelona ESHOB school of hotel management, hot water is extremely important to achieve good disinfection when washing dishes. Cold water does not remove dirt to the same level, but what is the ideal temperature for washing dishes? According to the expert in the Food & Beverage area, the ideal temperature for washing dishes is 80 degrees, the same temperature we use to serve mate. Of course, if we are going to use hot water to wash dishes, we should try to use gloves, so we avoid burning our hands in the activity.

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Taking care of your hands when washing dishes

Usually when we wash the dishes we do it with a specialized soap to clean dishes, but we never notice that it is specialized in taking care of our skin. Many experts agree that detergents are highly irritating to the skin, which can cause dry hands and injuries. To avoid these inconveniences we can use latex gloves or even use a moisturizer to put on after washing the dishes.

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Mix dirty dishes in the dishwasher

Many times we mix all the utensils in the sink and we clean as we take a new one. Many specialists recommend washing the dishes in groups to avoid that the dirt from the upper dishes reaches the bottom one and we have to do more work than it should. It is important to wash dishes according to the degree of dirt they present, for example washing from the cleanest to the dirtiest or vice versa.

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Do not throw the fat off the dishes before washing them

Several chefs around the world, after working for many years throughout kitchens around the world, have agreed that one of the most common mistakes when washing dishes is not removing the grease from the dishes before washing them. The first step to prevent grease from going directly down the pipe and becoming clogged is to remove food debris from trays, plates, and kitchen utensils before washing them. If we can use paper napkins to better absorb oils better than better. In this way we will facilitate washing, we will spend less detergent and we will prevent the pipes from clogging frequently.

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Excess detergent or poor choice of it

More soap is not synonymous with better cleaning, on the contrary many times it can be counterproductive since it can leave traces that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Even using a poor quality detergent can lead to a greater investment of effort and time. We recommend using brands that focus on cleaning power rather than those that prioritize scents that can be added.

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Do not renew the sponge

Many times we receive inquiries such as, what is the best material to wash dishes? The answer is usually always the same, it depends on the utensil you want to wash. Brushes are used to remove food debris, while sponges usually remove basic dirt and the toughest ones for greased pots or burned remains. What is very important is to renew each one of them frequently. Especially the sponge that accumulates many bacteria.

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Do not reuse kitchen items

According to Francisco Almeida, a world-renowned Argentine chef, he strongly advises reusing kitchen utensils more than once before washing them. That is, if you fried meat, you can use the pan to cook vegetables. In addition to saving water in the process, you will be able to infuse your food with flavors to entertain guests.

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