7 Ideas of Modern Kitchens for Patio

Patio kitchens have been evolving, becoming one of the most appreciated areas in a house that can afford to be used outside.


If you are one of the lucky ones to have a large space on your patio, we share some ideas of modern kitchens to transform your patio.

Kitchens in the patio with wooden pergola

Patio kitchens with wooden pergolas are the most traditional style of this type of kitchen, but you can always create a relaxed, elegant and familiar atmosphere with a design as traditional as wood.

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A great option can be a dark wood pergola, which in contrast to light wood details and plants will create a versatile space.

Wood and wicker are materials that complement each other perfectly, you can accompany your wooden pergola design with furniture and details in wicker material to highlight your kitchen.

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Another detail that can highlight your kitchen with a wooden pergola is to combine it with metal, you can complement it with wooden tables and metal chairs or vice versa.

To achieve this effect, it is necessary to combine rustic and novel details, such as old wood with metal chairs in lines or light and flat furniture, contrasting the old with the new.

Patio kitchens with metal pergola

Another option for modern patio kitchens is the metal pergola, leaving a little of the traditional wood as the main attraction. Using a material as versatile as metal, you can accompany it with wooden details on the walls, floor or even use materials such as stone, which will perfectly complement the design.

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Patio kitchens with rustic tables

Rustic tables are a tradition in outdoor kitchens, currently they come in all sizes and types of wood, simulating the picnic tables that are so popular.

Modern patio kitchens often use a rustic tabletop to highlight the traditional ambiance and accommodate the whole family at the long tables.

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Light or dark wood doesn’t matter, this rustic picnic table with benches on each side has a modern twist due to the polished wood.

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An important aspect of these tables is their length. If your family is large or you like to host parties for your friends, it will be perfect for your outdoor kitchen.

Patio kitchens with modern tables

It does not matter if you choose your modern patio kitchen with a wooden or metal pergola, these modern tables will make them stand out with innovative styles and fine lines that will catch the eyes of your guests.

Any type of polished wood will do the job, you can decorate your modern tables with rustic details or with plants, there is definitely no way to go wrong with these pieces.

Accompanied by ceramics and innovative chairs, this modern wooden table stands out for its innovative and ultra slim design.

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This modern table style that stands out with black metal details is perfect for any type of environment.

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