6 Tips for Perfect Eyebrows!

Having perfect eyebrows doesn’t just happen . It is calculation, but also maintenance. And on top of that, you have to respect both the shape of your face, but also the fashion (no question of ending up with Greta Garbo’s eyebrows). We give you 6 Tips to have perfect eyebrows in no time!

  1. Find your line

It is sometimes necessary to restructure your eyebrow line when it is not perfect. If you want to embark on this great adventure yourself, here is the procedure:

Use a stick or the tail of a fine brush.

1) Find the beginning of the eyebrow

The eyebrow should start where (1) the brush crosses the eyebrow when you place it vertically, leaning against the wing of your nose. Ideally, we press the brush in the hollow of the nose, between the tip of the nose and the wing of the nostril, so as not to space the eyebrows too much

0 25

2) Find the highest point of the eyebrow

This is the place (2) where the brush crosses the eyebrow when leaning it against the tip of the nose and at the bottom of the pupil.

3) Find the end of the eyebrow

Apply the brush to the wing of the nose and to the outer corner of the eye. The place (3) where the brush crosses your eyebrow should be its end.

Mark all these points with a pencil or eyeliner line before epilating.

  1. Find the right thickness

When you have determined your line, you must choose the thickness of your eyebrow. Everything is a matter of taste, but a few rules must still be observed:

  • If you have small eyes, avoid crushing them under eyebrows that are too thick. If, on the contrary, you have large eyes, do not lower your eyebrows too much.
  • The ideal thickness of the eyebrow is that of the upper lip . A rule adopted by many models!

And of course, as with everything, fashion can inspire us. In 2015, the trend is for rather thick eyebrows …

1 29

… Even downright bushy:

2 31

But depending on your face, thin eyebrows can also look very pretty:

3 31
  1. Epilate correctly

Hair removal is preferably done with tweezers. after determining what to pluck, lift the hairs upwards with a damp brush to hold them together, and pluck the underside of the eyebrow. For the more talented, it is possible to do it with wax, and cut the tips with small scissors. If you are not sure of yourself, it is better to go see a beautician!

  1. Make up

Even if the fashion is for the eyebrows of natural aspect, the make-up can make it possible to rectify its line or to emphasize it.

To make up the eyebrows, you can use eyeshadows with a fine beveled brush , or an eyebrow pencil . There are also pigmented mascaras for a natural look.

For the shade, we take either the color of the eyebrows , or a lighter tone for a more natural effect. We never take darker!

To rectify the eyebrows, we simply draw the missing hairs on the inside of the eyebrows, drawing fine lines in the direction of the hairs.
For more intense makeup, you can follow this tutorial:

  1. Fix the eyebrows

The eyebrows can be combed! To tame the ears, brush them, and hold them with a special wax (for example a wax eyebrow pencil), or with an eyebrow mascara, pigmented or transparent.

  1. Maintain your eyebrows

The maintenance of the eyebrows should be regular enough to keep the curve intact. remove excess hair using tweezers or special wax (if you only have the knack!). Maintenance is to be carried out once or twice a week. The tips of the eyebrows that protrude from the line can also be cut regularly (about every 15 days to a month).

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