6 Ideas to decorate Small Gardens

Not all of us are lucky enough to have large and beautiful gardens. However, if we have a small patio or a terrace, we have enough space to build our small garden.

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In this article we show you some ideas for small gardens. You will see that you do not need many m2 to enjoy the plants.

If our space is even smaller, we can opt for a vertical garden with elements such as stairs, large or small. We will be able to place a large number of pots in a small space, thus creating our particular urban garden.

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Actually, ladders in decoration are a widely used resource, and not only outdoors.

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Originality can bring a lot to our small garden. In the following image you can see the solution that they have given to the base of that great tree. They have managed to create a star full of flowers taking advantage of a space that would be occupied by the shade of the tree.

In addition, they have added various decorative elements such as an old bicycle. Wheelbarrows are also very interesting to decorate gardens, as well as wooden barrels.

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Water fountains and stone paths continue to be some of our favorite solutions. With these resources we will be able to bring freshness to our patio.

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There are a large number of options to create our own vertical garden. We can look for already created decorative objects that anchor the pots to our wall. The following is an excellent example where in addition to using a large number of plants, the image of a real tree has been formed.

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Finally, this great pyramid made of wood and flower pots. It can be done with wooden pallets. It is ideal to create our small garden.

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