6 free molds to make beautiful felt dolls

If you like to make felt dolls, take this opportunity, and save the 6 molds of beautiful children’s dolls, you can make (puppies, pigs, sheep, cows and unicorns) which are very fashionable.
Next, I leave you many tips that will help you to start making this type of dolls, I hope they serve you, and you can use them when making these tender and beautiful felt dolls .
Felt is the wool fiber, and today is an economical material with which all kinds of crafts are worked, from handbags, shoes, clothes, headbands, etc dolls .
There are many types of felt, one of them is 1 ml thick and they are sold in sheets x 20 cm in letter size, or they are also sold by the meter, there is also textile felt, which is thicker, being 3 to 4 millimeters thick , with which bags are made, and the moldable felt that is 2 ml in sheets of 30 to 40 cm , and you can give them the shape you want, then there is the stamped felt, with which you can make brooches, bows, purses, etc.

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To sew these types of dolls, the stitch to use is the satin stitch, as well as machine sewing it straight. You have to take into account that each satin stitch you make must be the same size and thickness.

Another stitch to use is the chain and the back stitch, with this last stitch you can make the smile and the eyes of the doll , depending on what is needed, since many times the eyes can be made with black beads or with doll eyes , which come in the shape of a screw. To put these eyes you must make a small hole in the felt, use the tip of the scissors to make the hole, then you can put the eye and screw it into the felt, this must be done before of stuffing the doll’s head.

Felt unicorns

1 51

Unicorn mold

2 40
3 41

To fill your doll use wadding or silicone filling.
Use liquid silicone to glue some pieces, in this case it would be the unicorn’s hair.
To make your doll’s face look prettier, you can use pink blush and apply it to the cheeks with a brush.

Felt puppy

4 37

Puppy mold

5 36

Felt cows

6 35

Cow mold

7 33
8 31

Felt pig

9 28

Pig mold

10 27

Printed felt sheep

11 20

Sheep mold

12 12

Felt Snoopy Mold

13 5

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