55 workshop storage ideas to organize your tools

If you’re lucky enough to have a small workshop at home or a space meant for your DIY work, you’ll know how important it is to keep it neat and organized. Not only because it is arguably better aesthetically, but also because it will influence the success of the project and save you a lot of time during its execution. In case you are still a beginner, you may also have noticed that as you do DIY jobs, tools and materials accumulate that then you have to locate and have within reach. The first step in organizing tools is to take a full inventory. Once you have a general idea of ​​the tools available, organize them into similar categories. Group all power tools, small hand tools, etc. Then create zones and use cabinets to keep similar items together. The best way to organize tools is to customize storage pieces to fit the space. For example, buying a cabinet is not as efficient as building one with specific storage locations for the tools you own. If you still haven’t found the magic formula for storing and organizing your DIY tools, you’re interested. Read on to find out what the keys are to getting a tidy toolbox in the long run.

Start your storage by installing a tool table

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A good table or a workbench. This one must be made of a hard and resistant wood, to resist the load, as well as the blows of hammer, blows, cuts. For its part, the surface must be as smooth as possible, to guarantee a good development of our work, and it should be at a suitable height so as not to damage our backs. In addition, it is recommended that your table has a press to hold the parts that you glue, cut or sand, and if possible, a hole where you can leave your tools will be very useful

The basis of the layout of your workshop is the workbench

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We advise you to adopt a workbench for professional use, such as this folding workbench which allows all types of work and also optimizes space well. Especially since it is made of solid wood to support the weight of tools and devices. Be sure to choose the right sizing for your table, depending on your DIY activity. If, for example, you handle large items, opt for a large workbench.

Wooden pliers holder for 6 pliers

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Made of beech, this sturdy wooden stand is designed to vertically mount pliers, blades, and other similar hand tools. The vertical design lets you see the tool you need, while protecting tips, edges and jaws from deterioration or other damage.

If you need the storage capacity of a closet but prefer to have your tools in sight, shelving is your best option.

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This key storage idea is a much better way to organize your keys than stacking them in a toolbox drawer. You’ll be able to find the key you need in a fraction of the time

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Use the wooden pallets used as tool holders, this will add a personalized touch

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There are many different ways to install shelving in your workshop wall, depending on your personal style, needs and budget.

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PVC tubes are inexpensive and are a great place to store pieces of wood, long handled tools, and rollers

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Another solution to having DIY tools and supplies neatly organized and tidy is DIY shelves.

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Improvise a scotch holder made with wood, the better to find yourself

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For your screws, you can create a magnet bar, so you won’t lose any more

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Walls are an ideal resource for obtaining ample storage and organization space without occupying a large volume in the room

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Hanging wooden shelves with screwdriver holes, is a great place to add extra storage space for tools

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Many people find it difficult to organize the power tools they often use, you can opt for a dedicated wall shelf.

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