5 Wonderful Plants to Grow Indoors (very good options)

Without a doubt, plants can be an important part of home decoration. But, if you have little time you should opt for plants that are easy to care for.

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It is essential to know the conditions of direct or indirect sunlight that each plant has, and the irrigation and pruning needs of each species so that they remain in perfect condition.

Here are some plants that are great to grow and keep indoors.

1- Plants for a dark apartment

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If you live in an apartment with little light, but with quite high temperatures all year round, nothing better than choosing a Zanzibar Gem or a Sansevieria.

2- Plants that require good lighting and humidity

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If the climate is mild enough where you live and temperatures are warm and humid year-round, the Calathea, the Swiss cheese plant, or the Begonia are good choices.

3- Hanging plants for ceilings

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If your home has a high ceiling and you’re a fan of hanging plants, here are some options to consider : Pothos, Ceropegia woodii, or Scindapsus pictus.

4- Rustic plants for the balcony

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If you have a balcony and want hardy plants, you can plant Strelitzia nicolai (known as wild banana or giant white bird of paradise) or Calendula (these flowers attract pollinators, great for fertilizing).

5- Aromatic plants for the garden

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If you have a garden, start with aromatic plants such as basil, coriander, thyme or oregano. It is not necessary to live in the countryside to grow them, you can also grow them in pots.

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