5 Things That Happen When You Hug Your Children

Hugs are healing, they can heal diseases of the soul. According to science, hugs intervene in the development of the brain contributing to the emotional maturity of children and, in addition, transmit security, which is very important during the growth of our children.

As a parent, you may have grown up in a cold home or with few love scenarios expressed with hugs. But that is not an excuse, since it is not impossible to change for your children, it can be something challenging, but never ever something impossible. The very positive consequences of hugging are evident in general, but with children its positive benefits can go much further.

5 things that happen when you hug your children

Hugs improve the ability to socialize

Hugging releases a hormone called oxytocin, a hormone released during body contact. What happens is that the brain releases this chemical substance into the body as soon as it feels the contact, which activates states of mind of tranquility and confidence towards other human beings. This helps children reduce social fear and develop greater capacity for socialization.

Hugs release tension

Children are vulnerable to stress, since most of the world is unknown to them and what is not known tense and stresses. In times of a lot of crying or strong rebellions, what exists is a high level of stress. This can happen at the end of the day, after a long trip, when moving to live in a new place, as a result of starting school or due to any change in routine. In all these moments, what your children will undoubtedly need is a big hug from those who love them so much .

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Hugs help develop empathy

Empathy is the ability children develop to understand the needs of others. When a child is understood in his moments of panic and fear, he manages to understand others by developing generosity and the desire to share.

Hugs stimulate creativity and learning

Hugging stimulates dopamine, which performs various functions in the brain related to behavior, cognition, and the regulation of sleep and mood. This combination of benefits sets an excellent stage to stimulate creativity and learning. So, when it’s time to educate your children, don’t ever forget to start the learning journey with a big hug.

Hugs drive away apathy

There is nothing more beautiful than a child who is enthusiastic about learning, playing, having fun and sharing with other children. Hugs allow children to be motivated by life, and that translates into happy adults who also know how to love and stimulate through affection, creating a hug cycle that is difficult to break. Do not stop hugging your children when they are young, because they learn from everything you do, and they will more than reward you when you grow up.

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