5 stages daughters of unloving mothers go through

There are many daughters who have faced a childhood devoid of love and affection from their mother. Unfortunately, some mothers simply don’t listen to their daughters, tell them they’re proud of them, or take the time to get to know them.

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When a daughter has been through that, she needs to mourn the loss. She needs to cry because she didn’t get the mother she deserved. For many women, that can be difficult because of the years spent telling them they don’t deserve love.

Next, we show you the 5 stages a daughter goes through when a mother is not loving.

1- Denial

This is a stage most women are in for years, or even decades. Some part of their mind is aware that there is a problem, but because they also recognize that the severity of the problem is greater than they can handle, their brain shuts down and refuses to acknowledge the problem as a way to avoid letting more time go by..

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2- Anger

It is the way raw pain is expressed, so even though the daughter may be more hurt and sad, she comes out angry. She could be angry for many reasons, including her mother at her, her father at her, etc.

3- Negotiation

They believe that if they can accomplish certain things or act in a certain way, they will gain the love and support from their mother that they so dearly want. However, no amount of work will earn the appreciation of an unloving mother, leaving the daughter helpless to make any changes. She has to be willing to stop negotiating to move on.

4- Depression

This stage is when feelings of grief and loss finally feel like they are meant to be explored, and it is a critical stage to take as long as necessary. To get through this stage and get to the other side they need to cry and feel the loss for as long as it takes to put it behind them.

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5- Acceptance

This does not mean that they accept everything that has been done to them or that everything is fine. What acknowledgment shows is that a daughter has recognized that there has been a loss and accepts that this loss has negatively changed her life. Also, it means that she is ready to learn to live without her mother’s love and begin to recover by forging new relationships.

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