5 Products to decorate your Christmas Tree for less than $5

We are nowhere near Christmas, and we can find many Christmas decorations in stores. A good option is to look for ideas on the internet and see in stores which decorations and prices suit us.

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After so much searching I have found good offers to share. When my friends do not know where to go to buy Christmas decorations, I always give them good recommendations so as not to spend so much money.

  1. Set of spheres
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One of the most important things for your tree are the spheres. Let’s say it is the base, since there you can buy more things or just keep them. Try you are from IKEA that costs $ 75 pesos for a package of 25 pieces.

  1. Lights

One of the most important things in our tree are the lights. They are like the light of Christmas and the first thing our guests always see. Buy the series of 100 lights from The Home Depot for only $ 69 pesos.

  1. Ribbon
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To make your tree look more, I learned that if you dress it with a ribbon, it looks fabulous and enhances all the decoration. Try this one from Fantasías Miguel for $ 74.63 pesos of 10 meters.

  1. Star
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It is like the cherry on the cake, and so many of us like to put it on the top of the tree. Most are expensive, but searching you will find everything. Buy this from Coppel for only $ 69 pesos.

  1. Extra decorations
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If you like to put the odd ornament on your tree with your personality or something you like, you can try a decorative sphere or a doll. If you like Mickey Mouse a lot, here we present you some red spheres. You find them at Home Depot at $ 159 pesos for 4 pieces.

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