5 Necessary care tips so that your JADE TREE does not die

The Jade tree is one of the succulents most sought after by lovers of this plant species.

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Its woody trunk and intense green leaves remind us of the shape of a beautiful tree. Many say that who owns one of these plants will be the owner of a successful and abundant life.

The truth is that we must recognize that it is a beautiful succulent and its care is very simple.

1- Light

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Succulent houseplant Crassula on the windowsill against the background of window. Selective focus

Light is an essential element for the growth of this plant, it can be direct or semi-direct light.

The difference of exposing it to the sun will quickly become noticeable, if it is exposed its leaves will turn bright light green with reddish edges. If it does not receive direct light and is in partial shade, its leaves will turn shiny, but an intense dark green color.

2- Irrigation

Like all succulents, it does not require much watering. Let us remember that its leaves are fleshy because in them it accumulates water.

So it needs sporadic watering, if we water it in winter from 15 to 20 days and in summer once a week it will be more than fine.

We must be very careful not to overdo it with water, its roots are susceptible to constant humidity. Many recommend watering it with a sprayer, but we do not recommend it because we will not give it the amount of water necessary to survive.

It is key to pay attention to the texture of the leaf, if it feels soft it is because it needs water, and if we watered it recently and it feels this way it is because we are watering it too often.

3- Substrate

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It is a plant that requires very good drainage, since, as we mentioned before, its roots are very delicate and susceptible to waterlogging.

The substrate must be porous, so it must contain a mixture of sand, earthworm humus, volcanic perlite and garden soil, among others.

Fertilizing twice a year is essential, it will give it the necessary nutrients for its flowering, we can do it when spring begins and during the summer.

4- Pruning

Pruning is essential because it stimulates its development. By removing useless stems and leaves, energy will not be wasted and will be concentrated on healthy stems and leaves.

Removing diseased or dry stems and leaves will also help maintain their shape. The elements that we are going to use must be sterilized. We will also remove the small stems and put them in the ground to make new plants.

5- Reproduce

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All succulents are very easy to reproduce, so we will quickly have a new plant.

These succulents can reproduce by both leaf and stem. When we remove the stem from the mother plant, we put it directly in the ground.

Little by little we will see that our shoot will take root, we will realize by the new leaves that will begin to come out. When our new plant is in process it is necessary to water it more frequently.

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