5 Crafts – Recycle Car Tires

If you thought that the old tires on your car would no longer serve you, you were wrong, there is much that can be done with those tires.

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Here are some craft ideas to recycle old car tires.

Wishing well to decorate your garden

You need:

old big tires
Oil paint and paint brush
pvc pipe parts
Wood sticks
Wire, hammer and nails
soil and flowers

  • Join 3 tires, place them one on top of the other. You can use wire to join them, and place a wooden or cork base so that it is sealed inside, then fix 2 wooden sticks to each tire, and one that goes horizontally holding both sticks. In this way you will make the roof of what will be the well.
  • To make the roof, use PVC pipes cut in half, make a gabled roof and place it on top of the sticks.
  • Decorate the rims with oil paint, and make a brick design, using brown and white.
  • Put plant soil in the tires, and put beautiful flowers.
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Bed for your puppy

Use oil paint to paint the tire. Place a soft and comfortable cushion.

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Large pots

Create cute pots in the shape of cups, paint them and decorate them to your liking.

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Hanging lamps with recycled tires

Create beautiful industrial-style pendant lamps to decorate your home.

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Hanging pots with animal figures

Create beautiful hanging pots in the shape of animals and decorate them to your liking.

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