4 signals the body sends when you consume too much SALT

When salt is consumed in excess, we run a great risk of suffering from many cardiovascular diseases, fluid retention, etc. But, fortunately, our body sends us warning signs that we must take into account.

Next, in this article we will show you the 4 signals that the body sends when excessive salt is consumed.

What you should know about excessive salt intake

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1.- Frequent headaches.

According to a recent study, people who consume up to 3,500 mg of sodium per day are 30% more likely to experience headaches.

2.- Constant thirst.

It is necessary for the body to drink enough water when eating foods with a large amount of salt, because it helps to balance the levels of both. That is why as soon as you eat something salty you feel thirsty, since the brain immediately sends the signal that the body needs to hydrate.

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3.- Lack of concentration.

When excess salt is consumed, the brain becomes dehydrated, which causes it to not function properly.

4.- Frequent urination.

Just as drinking a lot of water causes frequent urination, consuming too much salt also has the same effect, since the kidneys have to work too hard to clean the accumulated sodium residues.

It is important that in order to reduce the level of sodium in your body, you eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Remember that there are healthy foods that are naturally salty, such as fish and other seafood, so you can eat salty and healthy at the same time.

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