4 alternate uses of plastic bottles in gardening

Did you know that in the last 10 years we have produced more plastic than in the entire history of mankind? Taking beverage manufacturers as an example, they produce more than 500 billion single-use plastic bottles each year.


The data they share from Greenpeace is chilling, but what can we do as consumers? On the one hand, considerably reduce the consumption of this type of non-recyclable products and, on the other hand, give them a new use if we already have them at home.

As an irrigation system


With a simple plastic bottle, you can create two types of irrigation systems for your plants. These are perfect for when you won’t be home for a few weeks. Write these ideas down for the summer season.

As a homemade scarecrow


If you have a vegetable garden, surely you have suffered the action of the odd bird or crow in the crops. Sometimes they can even spoil them. Today, you can use different ways to prevent these animals from approaching: using CDs, light strips, full-body scarecrows or the system that we propose today: plastic bottles.

As a container for making cuttings without substrate


We think this idea is great for the little ones in the house to start learning the basics of gardening. Cutting a 2L bottle in half and using moistened toilet paper instead of substrate, you can cut, for example, some geraniums.

As bird feeders


In the market you can find a great variety of very interesting bird feeders: wooden houses, nets with tallow balls or dispensers.

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