3 Tricks to remove the most difficult Stains from Pots and Pans

Kitchen utensils tend to get stained from daily use when cooking, we refer to pots and pans, which due to their continuous use are ruined.

Maybe we try to make them as clean as possible, we even buy different cleaning products to clean them and still we can’t.

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Here are 3 very powerful tricks to help you remove the toughest stains from pots and pans.

1.- Detergent and Salt

When the pan is full of fat and no matter how hard we try to remove it we cannot, let’s see this trick:

First, we put 1 teaspoon of detergent and spread it over the fat in the pan, we must avoid having water, only the detergent on top.
Then, on top of the detergent, we sprinkle a layer of fine salt, thus covering the entire surface.
After a few minutes, we wipe it with a dry sponge, removing all the grease and dirt without much effort.
When we see that there is no fat left, it is time to rinse with plenty of water, leaving it super clean.

2.- Baking Soda Paste

Another great ally of deep cleaning is undoubtedly sodium bicarbonate, very powerful to clean burned or stained pots and pans:

We simply mix 2 parts of baking soda with 1 part of alcohol or detergent to make a paste.
Next step, we proceed to rub the paste using the sponge on the burned or stained area of ​​the pan.
Finally, we rinse well to remove dirt and dry to avoid water stains.

3.- Toilet Soap

Sometimes we have bad cleaning habits and let the grease adhere more to the pan for some time, we cannot forget to do it regularly.

We start by turning on the burner and heat the pan and the pot to loosen the fat with the heat.
After a few seconds, we turn off the heat and carefully apply a little toilet soap to the hot area of ​​the pan.
Next, we scrub hard using a steel sponge. We can repeat this method as many times as necessary, little by little we will observe that the fat is eliminated and it remains as new.


Another trick:

There are other combinations of ingredients like homemade methods, which are very effective too:

Vinegar and water

First, we pour 1 cup of water into the burned pan and add 4 tbsp of vinegar to it. The reason for using vinegar is because it contains acetic acid which will immediately cut through all the oil and fat adhering to the pan.
Next, we light the fire and bring the mixture to a boil. We will observe that as the mixture boils, all the stains will loosen from the walls of the pan and will come out easily.
Finally, we remove the remains of grease and dirt with a sponge.

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