3 Hidden Uses of Baby Powder – very useful

When you think of babies, surely what goes through your mind are diapers and hundreds of products that you must bring in the diaper bag, one of them and one of my favorites is talcum powder. Not only because it smells delicious, but because baby powder has many uses around the home.

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That’s right, baby powder can have various uses that can save our lives and that very few know about.

Fight ants

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If you have realized the chemicals that are to repel insects or pests will cause you a lot of damage, so you can choose to use something less harmful like baby powder.

Just apply baby powder to your pots and plants to fight ants and other insects that want to eat your plants.

Maintain the freshness of the bed

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Just imagine what a delight to get to bed and that it welcomes us fresh, clean and smelling delicious.

Well, for all this you can use a little talc to combat bad odors caused by sweat.

You just have to sprinkle a little talcum powder on the mattress and let it rest for several hours, remove the residue and that’s it.

Mute hardwood floors

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Say goodbye to the squeak of wooden floors by sprinkling baby powder on the floor and with the help of a broom, start to sweep it. This will help cover any cracks or gaps that require oil.

Other uses:

  • Remove grease stains
  • Keep cleaning gloves in good condition
  • Deodorant for cat litter
  • Untangle necklaces

It is incredible how a product that is designed for the needs of a baby can be used for many more other things.

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