3 Exercises to burn twice as much fat as going for a run

Running is a fairly complete sport , since you get rid of too many calories per minute , and even more so if you manage to increase speed or distance .

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Next, we show you 3 exercises with which you will be able to burn much more fat than if you go running .


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This exercise is of short duration and high intensity , it gets you to work all your muscles and to burn fat .

You will work strength , resistance and coordination . It is an ideal exercise for those who are not used to doing sports , but you should start with a minimum number of repetitions .


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It is a very complete exercise to burn fat . With the squats you manage to work the quadriceps , the gluteus maximus , the hamstrings and the spinal erector .

There are different variations of squats, but all of them will help you regain the ability to flex your hips and tone your muscles .

Jump rope

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It is an exercise that uses more muscles than going for a run . If you are constant, jumping the rope you can lose kilos and avoid cardiovascular diseases , among other conditions. That is, it will make you burn twice as much fat as if you go running . For example, if you jump for about 10 minutes a day , you could burn about 130 calories .

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