29 top trendy modern pool ideas

An individually designed swimming pool in your own home will never go out of style. Whether round or square, whether wooden or concrete pool, whether saltwater or freshwater: there are many options to design your own pool, and each pool can be designed according to your needs. Here are some ideas that will help you find the pool you need.

Wooden swimming pool

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Trendy pool with waterfall

Who doesn’t want a backyard that harnesses the simple beauty and peaceful tranquility of a fine health spa? Paired with subtle lighting integrated and personalized to the unique shape of the pool. The wooden pool has a natural appeal that will transport you to a calming getaway every time you step out.

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In addition to the garden furniture, you can also add a pretty waterfall to your pool area. A waterfall adds a refreshing and relaxing effect. The water flowing along the pool waterfall facilitates the constant movement of the water and makes the pool more lively.

Modern glass swimming pool

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Today’s most modern swimming pools are glass-walled. Their design is extremely spectacular. Of course, using glass can cost more, but the results can be absolutely stunning. Not only that these pools are fully functional, but they also have a unique style that will inspire a double dip.

Swimming pool with tropical pool house

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For a guaranteed feeling of travel, you can add a tropical pool house, to sip a drink. This aspect gives an exotic touch to your pool. Add deckchairs and quietly sip your pina colada.

Swimming pool with different shapes

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For most swimming pools, rectangles and other angular shapes are used because of their practicality and simplicity. But if you want to optimize space, go for a triangular pool.

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Add light

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Light is something that adds originality to any pool. Install underwater lighting for a fluorescent glow. It gives a different atmosphere to your swimming pool. It also makes the pools look bigger and deeper. Think multi-colored lights that change with a timer or randomizer, for a cool party.

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Put seats by the pool

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Never forget the importance of your poolside seats. You don’t have to use the typical deckchairs or wicker seats. The seats you choose create the atmosphere as much as the pool itself.

Add flowers and plants

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Landscaping around your pool should be part of your pool design. Dress it up in colorful and fragrant flowers which add aesthetic pleasure. Tulips, roses, and hydrangea bushes are all great choices.

Small but comfortable pool

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Modern pool designs for small gardens are no longer uncommon. Now you can fit all the elements you love into a tiny space, without giving up beauty or functionality. Whether your yard has a particular shape or just doesn’t have the space for a full sized Olympic size swimming pool, you can still find the joy in a small pool.

Customize the tiles of your swimming pool

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Many people personalize the tiling of their swimming pools, both for aesthetic and practical purposes. In this case, you can create your own tile design, giving your swimming pool that little extra. Try out a particular pattern or have an image designed that can be recognized by looking down or around the edges. You will find it more attractive than a simple blue or white coloring. Don’t like the design? Try a single color that arouses interest, maybe all black instead of white.

Graduated levels

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Set up your pool on multiple levels, with waterfalls that move water from upper levels to lower levels. This keeps the flowing water more filtered, while creating an interesting design. It can also be useful if you have young children, as you can insulate a part of the shallow pool for their use and have less risk of accidents.

Swimming pool and garden: a complex whole

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Your pool and your garden must be a whole. To take advantage of this feature, install your pool in a corner surrounded by trees in your garden.

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