26 planters that you can make yourself

If space is a problem or you don’t want to dig your garden to grow plants, planters are a good option. Here are some DIY ideas you can make in a few days.

Raised wooden planter with benches in stairs

The wooden planter makes everyday work easier. Especially since the benches are ideal for growing vegetables, different types of aromatic herbs, and even flowers. This form of planter is the perfect solution for having a beautiful garden when the soil is poor, or when you just need a simpler way. They also provide good drainage. Plants grown in raised planters are healthier, weeds are easier to control, and watering and fertilization are exactly where you need them. For those interested in those raised beds, this DIY project is easy to complete in one afternoon, without spending a fortune. However, here is all you need: wooden planks; favor redwood or cedar to prevent mold, fabric against weeds, stainless screws, wood pliers, a drill, a saw and a stapler. To facilitate the flow of water, it will be necessary to deposit small balls of clay or wood chips, or any material that drains well, the plants don’t like drowning. The construction needs a strong base enough to support the weight.

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Screening planter

To protect your balcony or terrace, you can set up a privacy screen planter with climbing and leafy plants, this transforms your outdoor space into a small garden, and will give charm to your terrace while isolating it from the outside. The good news is that this low wall can be easily built with small, very thin wooden branches that are simply nailed horizontally to taller and longer rails, perfect for plants like vines, ivy or hydrangea. The result is a green screen that lets in a little light, but which also has a lot of character.

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Planters in the form of raised boxes

If you’re looking for a way to add gardening space with a twist, these easy-to-make raised garden boxes are what you need. Easily created from regular wood, these pretty planters look great anywhere. Best of all, with their depth, they leave plenty of room for the growth of certain plants or root vegetables. These flower beds fit easily into small yards or on patios, and require extremely low maintenance. Especially since these raised planters allow easier access for planting, watering and harvesting.

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Multi-level planter for a diversified culture

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Original wooden planter

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Screening planter with small containers

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Green wall with climbing plants

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Wooden planters with small ceiling

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Passage arranged with an original planter

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Multi-level planter to enhance your flowers

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Raised planter for your patio

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Floral plant painting

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Green wall with various plants

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Planter with separate plan for a diversified culture

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Tiered planter with small door

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