2 Tricks to Remove Chlorine Stains from Clothes

Surely it has happened to you that while you are cleaning or washing your clothes you accidentally get a little chlorine, leaving colored clothes with a white stain and white clothes with a yellow stain, it is a nightmare since it implies that our clothes will never be the same thanks to the chlorine stains that were generated.

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Luckily, in this article we will show you 2 amazing tricks to remove these stains and leave our clothes as new .

Trick # 1

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You will need to:

White vinegar
Rag or cloth


Mix the same amounts of alcohol and vinegar in a bowl.
Soak a cloth in the mixture, make sure it is a light color.
Apply the rag to the stain and squeeze. (It is important that you do not rub as the stain can spread).
Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and remove.
Then wash the garment in cold water.
If the stain still remains, repeat the process until it subsides.
Vinegar is an effective ingredient for fading and removing stains on light or white clothing.

Trick # 2

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You will need:

Sodium thiosulfate
Rag or cloth


Mix 1 tablespoon of sodium thiosulfate with 1 cup of water.
Soak the rag and place on the stain.
When the stain is covered, soak it in cold water and you’re done.
To apply these home remedies, we recommend that you always wear gloves and be very careful not to stain anything.

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