18 degraded haircuts for men to do yourself

Here are our 18 haircuts for men that you can do on your partner or your child with the measures to make a degraded for man with his trimmer at home.

Learn how to do your layering yourself easily with these 18 tips and tricks to train yourself and achieve your layered haircuts for men yourself at home and therefore save both time and money because you will no longer have need, or less need, to go to the hairdresser.

Going to the barber for a man is not the thing that will drain your monthly budget the most, but it can quickly become a chore if your man or child doesn’t like going to the barber.

If he doesn’t mind going to the hairdresser for about ten euros on average, your hairdresser can make you a magnificent degraded man in a few minutes with a professional style so if you can privilege it to make your local traders work first and foremost. .

For those who want to do their men’s degraded haircut yourself at home, whether it is to save money or for any other reason, here are our 18 tips, and mower measures to get there. achieve easily with a little practice.

You may make small mistakes on your first attempt at a men’s layered haircut, but after several attempts you are sure that you will know exactly how to proceed and you will have both the experience and the habit of doing it and you will. can even do it on your own if you are skilled with your mower and are a man.

There are men who know very well how to do their degradation on their own with a little training so you can do it too, in the meantime you can ask your mother, your girlfriend, your sister, a friend of yours make your first gradient for men with the trimmer by following one of these models.

So here are the 18 models and measures of clogs for the mower you can use to inspire you and make your first man shading at home on your man or on your child and if you make a mistake during your first cut it is normal. You have to make mistakes to learn and you can always catch up if you overtake and in the worst case you shave everything and it will grow back shortly so you can try again afterwards.

Make a degraded man yourself with the mower

On this first model you can see the area where there is the scissors icon is therefore an area not to be done with the mower but only with the scissors and the comb, then in the place where it is written “2.5” it is the shoe size of your mower that you should use.

At first it is often advisable to roughen the work by starting to remove the volume with a chisel on the top therefore, and start to work the gradient with the shoe at 2.5, then the one at 1.5, then the one at 0.5, then to shave blank the remaining area as shown in the photo.

For the other models it is the same principle to be respected with these different hoof measurements and also different haircuts.

0 24
1 28
2 30
3 30
4 32
5 31
6 31
7 29
8 24
9 20
10 16
12 6
13 3
14 2
15 2

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