16 Safety Rule Questions That Could Save Your Child’s Life

As the school year begins once again, you need to make sure your child knows all the safety rules.

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Here are some safety rule questions and answers you can ask your kids. You can even print them out and give it to them as a proof.

  1. What would you do if your parents are away and someone is trying to open the door of your house?
  2. Would you grab the sweet that a stranger is trying to give you?
  3. What would you do if the electrical outlet starts to burn and there is no one else in the house?
  4. A strange adult is asking for help. Should you help him?
  5. What should you do if you are being threatened by a pack of dangerous dogs?
  6. You just met someone your age. Should you go to his house if he invites you?
  7. What should you do if you smell gas in the house?
  8. If you are waiting for the elevator and some strangers arrive, should you mess with them?
  9. What should you do if you realize that you are being watched or chased by someone?
  10. If you’re home alone, who can you let in?
  11. What should you do if a stranger grabs you and doesn’t want to let you go?
  12. What should you do if you get lost among a lot of people?
  13. What should you do if you are in the street in the middle of a storm?
  14. What should you do if someone is threatening you or your family online?
  15. Your friends want you to play with them on a frozen river. would you go?
  16. Can you take medicines from the first aid kit if your parents are not there?

Correct answers:

  1. An intruder is trying to break into the house where a child was left alone. The child needs to call his parents before calling the emergency number. The call to the rescue service can be made after calling her parents, and during that time the parents can call and tell the neighbors.
  2. It is unacceptable to take food, toys, or other items from strangers. Teach your children that they can occasionally accept the generosity of the old lady next door, but that’s about it.
  3. If there is a risk of fire in your house or apartment, your child should quickly get out of the building and call the fire department. While on the way, your child must turn to the neighbors for help. It is strictly forbidden to test and extinguish the fire on your own.
  4. If someone on the street asks your child for help, they should reject it with a clear ” no ” and leave quickly. If a person really needs help, he will turn to adults first.
  5. The main thing here is to stay calm and not provoke the animals into attacking. They should not look the dogs in the eye, but can divert their attention with any object such as a hat, an umbrella, or a notebook. Let him carefully toss them aside, and begin to walk slowly away from the herd without turning his back.
  6. Teach your children not to visit people who are barely familiar to them, even if a stranger introduces himself as a family friend. This also applies to unknown children. Your son can always refuse under the pretext that he is being watched by one of his parents.
  7. Your child should leave the house or apartment immediately, go to the neighbors, and call the fire department.
  8. It is dangerous to enter an elevator with strangers. Teach your kids to turn down offers to do it. Instead, they can say that they are going to wait for their parents who are on their way. Remind your children that only adults they know are safe.
  9. The correct decision in this situation is to enter a supermarket, a beauty salon, or any other place with people around and call your parents from there.
  10. ” Do not open the door to strangers ” seems to be one of the most well-known security rules. Make sure your child understands it correctly. Some people believe that the main danger behind a door is a man, however, even innocent-looking ladies and children can pose a threat.
  11. What can be done if someone grabs your child? The surest measure is to attract people’s attention. You can scream and fight. If necessary, you can take a rock and throw it at the nearest window or car. Compensation for damages will not cost you as much as the consequences of encountering an abuser.
  12. Teach your children to remain calm if they are in a crowd. They have to gradually move towards the edge of the crowd, but not against it. It is dangerous to approach objects with protruding elements, such as bars.
  13. If your child is outside during a storm, the first thing he should do is find a safe shelter. He can go to the nearest store or to the entrance of some busy place. It is not safe to be around metal structures, swimming pools, tall trees, and cars. Remember that the most dangerous lightning is immediately followed by thunder.
  14. Do not succumb to provocations and threats. If a child is being threatened you should immediately inform her parents or call a helpline. The duty of each parent is to establish a relationship of trust with his children without intruding on his privacy.
  15. Your son should know that he is absolutely forbidden to skate on a frozen river. These activities should only be practiced in specially designated areas under the supervision of adults.
  16. Inform your child of the danger of the medicine. Even if he or she is sure that a certain pill relieves a headache, don’t let them use it in your absence. Tell your children to call them or other relatives if they feel bad.

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