15 ideas to decorate your walls in an original way

As expected, painting the walls is the first thing that is taken into account when decorating, painting the walls makes the house adopt a different style and everything according to the tastes of each person. You can paint the surfaces of your house in the color you want and under the designs that you prefer, however, if you have no idea how to start, we can help you a little by giving you at least 15 special ideals to improve the appearance of your home.

The paint is the least of it, in reality what counts here is the level of creativity you have to capture it on your walls, the paint is not based on choosing a single tone and spreading it on the surface, it focuses on a new style, on the details you want to add and what will make your house the most modern, even if you don’t change the furniture.

Geometric forms

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Do it in an orderly way and vary in the colors of each one.

Pictures on your walls

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Start with a light shade and then work your way up to darker shades, creating an incredible gradient.

Vertical gradient

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It is the same procedure as the previous method, it does not take much effort and it is beautiful.

Animal print on your walls

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You can even combine that style by placing hanging plants.

Atmosphere, the most used decoration technique

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These products are found in paint stores and it is something very original.

Horizontal lines

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It is a sober, elegant look that has been widely used in recent years. It plays with tones, so your home will look special.

Fabric effect painting method

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This is really great, few people carry out this technique but the result is worth it.

Wavy lines everywhere

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You do not need to follow a pattern, the color may vary.

Watercolor on your walls, the latest trends

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Having your home totally colorful will liven up the environment.

Hearts and stars

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It is not necessary that you draw the heart or the star in the whole house, on one wall it is enough.

Scales, the effect that children love

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Generally, children’s rooms are painted this way precisely because of their striking style, scales, it is something beautiful for them and why not, for adults too.

Horizontal gradient on your surfaces

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It is a unique style and gives warmth to the house, it is important that you know how to combine the tones so that you are not out of place or overload your house with colors that are too bright.

Rust, old but beautiful technique

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It has to do with medieval times but it is quite beautiful, especially when the style of the house is rustic. Draw trees of different designs on at least one wall

Draw trees of different designs on at least one wall

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You can start from the idea of ​​a family tree, placing the family photos you want on its branches.

Vertical lines

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They are usually used in the bathroom, but that does not mean that you can capture them anywhere in the house.

Source: MilIdeas

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