15 brilliant cleaning tricks that will leave your house like new

Admittedly, cleaning the home is one of the most tedious routines in life. Every week cleaning the spaces of your house again is a nuisance, so much so that sometimes we do not do it, neglecting this fundamental aspect that attracts negative energies if it is not maintained with discipline. Fortunately, there are many cleaning tricks with which we can save ourselves a lot of headaches when it comes to fulfilling this household obligation and we are going to mention just a few.

1- An onion to clean the grill

1 69

Its natural chemicals help to easily loosen the fat of the meat impregnated in the grate.

2- Vinegar to clean the microwave

2 59

If you put a cup of this acid for less than a minute with a little water, you can easily remove it with a towel.

3- Clean toys with the dishwasher

3 54

If they are made of plastic, they can take a walk once a month in the same place where the dishes are washed for the same purpose.

4- Beat soapy water in the blender to wash it

4 62

Take advantage of the same functioning of the blender to wash it easily.

5- Sandwich bread to clean broken glass

5 47

And very easy! The bread can pick up even the smallest pieces. Don’t eat it!

6- Baking soda to clean the oven

6 44

Combined with water, soap and vinegar, baking soda saves you hours of work cleaning the oven after a family dinner.

7- A new life for old leather furniture

7 40

With shoe polish, a swipe of shoe cream restores years of youth to that leather furniture that no one dares to throw away.

8- How to clean your computer keyboard

8 30

Very simple really, you just have to use an ear cleaner with alcohol to get to the most intricate areas.

9- Wash your life mattress with vodka

9 27

A trick you will never hear from your grandmother.

10- Remove wood stains with toothpaste

10 19

It seems like magic, but it is foolproof at removing these ugly streaks.

11- Easily Clean Up Vomit From Carpets

11 14

You just need to make a paste with baking soda and water. Spread it far and wide on the dirty surface and wait a few hours. When you vacuum it, nothing has happened.

12- Remove rust stains with a grapefruit

12 13

And salt, you just need to scrub very well to remove impurities from the metal.

13- Collect glitter or glitter with a modeling clay

13 13

Then you can make a fun slime with the glitter putty.

14- Remove adhesive with coconut oil

14 12

You just have to combine it with baking soda to make a paste, it is very easy to remove.

15- Clean the most remote corners of your house

15 10

Thanks to using the pastry tips you decorate your cakes with, you simply use an old one taped to the vacuum inlet.

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