14 beautiful ideas to embellish your wall with stones

It’s amazing how a stone interior design can change an entire room giving it a country style and also being modern. Interior stone walls do not have to give the impression of creating a cold-toned bedroom, the atmosphere can indeed be warmed up with lively decorative elements like plants or other brightly colored objects. Natural materials in the living room are always a good and fresh idea to create a warm and cozy living room. A living room with a natural stone wall will most likely reflect an airy and cheerful vibe with a natural, bright feel. The natural stone wall can be a great idea for a contemporary living room to avoid and prevent the cold and dull look of the place. With a very strong character and individuality, you can determine your apartment by means of a decorative stone wall. Until recently, stone walls in living rooms were typical, or as an accent around the fireplace. But times and trends are changing. You can turn almost any idea and project into interior design and make it happen. This material allows you to create an elegant and distinctive style. The sense of luxury, beauty, functionality and resistance are just some of the characteristics of the decorative stones. Here are some ideas that may inspire you.

The stone wall is a new trend

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There are many places in the house that can be designed as a stone wall. They are used successfully especially in hallways, but can also be used in kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms, providing a very peaceful and relaxed appearance.

Diversify the use of the stone wall

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The best thing about stones is that they are able to complement any style and decor, from contemporary and modern interiors to rustic cabins. All you have to do is choose the right type for your design scheme. For example, you can plan to decorate your stone wall to have more light, also use plants and furniture, to be able to guarantee liveliness and personality to your interior.

Personalize your stone wall by adding your own touch

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You don’t have to keep the original color of the stones. If your goal is to create something attractive, you may want to consider bolder colors and textures which might help you achieve it. You need to make sure to install lights in a way that brings out the textures of the stone and accentuates its beauty and character. You can choose spots (upper or lower lights) according to the shapes, colors or moods you want to achieve. You can enjoy the stone effect decorative panels, they create decorative environments full of style, with a very natural look.

Decorative stones are easily combined with other materials: on the floor and wooden furniture. It creates a unique interior design.

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The stone wall blends harmoniously with the modern style, since the contrast between modern and rustic is gaining more and more ground in the world of interior design.

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Stone walls can also be integrated into your main entrance. If you are looking for an artistic design, add shelves with plant pots

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This dining room is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. The colors and textures of the wall complement the classic furniture and neutral color scheme. A combination of soft and hard surfaces gives this room an exciting look and feel.

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There are many places in the house that can be designed like a stone wall. Like this stone wall which gives a particular aspect to this living room.

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It is advisable to combine the stone wall with diverse decoration with materials and TV furniture

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The natural stone wall is the best material to choose for lining the fireplace, it is resistant to high temperatures.

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A massive and sturdy bed is ideally combined with walls covered with decorative stones, as well as wooden beams and good lighting.

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Every stone clad wall in any house attracts attention because it is a very beautiful material that stands out from the rest. This is why it creates this effect at the level of this staircase.

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