13 Vegetables you can grow in a pot

Have you always dreamed of growing your own vegetables at home ? There are several vegetables that can be grown in pots.

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Many think that growing vegetables at home requires a large garden, but there are a variety of vegetables that can be easily grown in pots or containers.

In this article we show you some vegetables that you can grow in a pot in a simple and effective way.

1- Lettuce

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Because lettuce grows very quickly you will be able to harvest a large quantity. You need a pot at least 15 cm deep. If you intend to plant several lettuces, leave 10 cm between each plant. Make sure you plant it in well-drained soil that you will need to water regularly.

2- Tomato

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It is one of the easiest vegetables to grow in containers. Simply choose one that is large enough to support your plant and sow the seeds.

3- Peppers and Hot Peppers

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You need a pot at least 30 cm deep. Put it in a sunny place.

4- Radish

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Pink radishes will fit in any pot, while white radishes, being wider, require larger pots.

5- Polar beans

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They grow very well in pots and are very easy to grow. One option is to use a trellis to grow them close to a wall. To plant it you need a pot at least 30 cm deep. It is essential to place the pot in a sunny place.

6- Peas

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They adapt easily to any type of container, but prefer to grow in moderate conditions.

7- Spinach

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For each spinach plant you need a 20 cm deep pot. Unlike other vegetables, spinach needs partial shade to prevent wilting.

8- Carrot

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You can grow carrots at home throughout the year. Make sure you sow the seeds in thin rows and don’t overwater them.

9- Kale

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It doesn’t require a lot of space or sun, making it perfect for growing in a container. Ideally, expose it to indirect light for a few hours a day.

10- Eggplant

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It requires a warm environment to grow, but can be grown very well in containers. It is enough to guarantee them a warm corner both day and night.

11- Cucumber

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The best season to grow cucumber is in winter. It is recommended to grow it vertically to optimize your space.

12- Pope


You can start by growing potatoes in buckets with a capacity of 19 lt. However, it is essential to install a drainage system at the bottom of the bucket to avoid excessive watering.

13- Zucchini

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It is easy to grow, either in the garden or in a pot. The terrace and balcony are a great place to watch them grow. However, it is necessary to keep an eye on them because they tend to attract insects.

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